Pantanal is burning_

100% of profits to SOS Pantanal and Pantanal Relief Fund

Brazil isn’t just home to the world’s largest rainforest, but also the largest wetland, the Pantanal. Like the amazon, it is also on fire. 

From January to September 6 more than 2,3 million hectares were burned, which equals to around 22% of Pantanal’s land. The worst fire in Pantanal’s history. The situation is catastrophic and Bolsonaro’s government is doing nothing to help.

Pantanal’s future relies on the hands of organisations and volunteers that are risking their lifes to put out the fire and save thousands of dying animals. 

We want to help. From 22.09 to 29.09 we will be donating 100% of profits from sales to the following organisations: SOS Pantanal and Pantanal Relief Fund. So, if you purchase from us during this period, you will be automatically donating in support of this cause. 

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Eco Fair Slow

sustainable & organic, nature inspired pieces, produced in small batches.

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Vegan & Sustainable

Our clothing is sustainably produced and made of 100% organic, vegan and recycled materials. While our designs are printed with water-based vegan ink, our manufacturers are PETA approved vegan and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

Fair Fashion

We are committed to producing ethically, with respect for the people and the planet. We also take fair fashion very seriously, that's why we only work with Fair Wear Foundation verified manufactures. 

The Fair Wear Foundation is an organisation committed to find a fairer way to make clothes. Being a FWF member guarantees a strict supervised production throughout the supply chain. 

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Designed by Artists

We fully believe in art as a powerful instrument for social change. 

We see our clothes as a form of activism. Through an artistic, creative and ethical production, our mission is to contribute to the Vegan and Feminist movement and to empower women and animals. 

Part of Profits to Animal Rescue

We reserve around 10% of our yearly profit to an animal rescue project from São Paulo, Brazil.

 Learn more about our Giving Back Program here.