SAMPLE: Aurora Pants, XL, Cream

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Aurora Pants Sample labelled as size Large. 

This sample was made looser and bigger than the regular Aurora Pants so it is subtable for size XL or XXL. 

Extra discount: this sample has 2 very tiny stains, only noticeable from really close distance. The stains will probably come out after the first wash. 

Please see size guide for more information. 


100% organic cotton. GOTS certified. 


    Made ethically in Europe. This garment is made in a small factory in Bulgaria that specialises in Knitted Garments.

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        Material: €15,00. This price includes all material costs, including labels and tags. 

        Labour & Development: €63,76. This price includes the factory manufacturing cost, plus other development expenses such as pattern making and consultancy. 

        Shipping & Logistics: €5,46. This price includes transportation fees and packaging costs. 

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